Welcome to ThatsZoGood!

A little bit about me. I am a NJ transplant living my best life in LA with the best family, friends and dog a girl could ask for! I am a food loving, mommy to to the cutest blue eyed angel, who strives for happiness and fun in all things, life is too short you know?

This blog is a great place for those who love being in real life and not comparing themselves to those in magazines, tv shows, movies and novels. I will not sugar coat the reality we live in, it’s messy and trying to be perfect in this disaster we call life is a mistake. You end up missing some of life's greatest moments when you try to be perfect. I love the imperfections life has to offer and I will share with you those imperfections through my adventures in food, fun and family. I hope you enjoy all I have to offer!



*want to chat? email: Thatszogood@gmail.com