6 Months In Review

6 months, 183 days, halfway to a year - man time is flying by!! Time goes so fast because in only one day so much can change in her little world. For example, today she woke up with darker hair! Its an honor to watch her grow and change and experience all the fun things life has to offer (like grass, which she loves!).

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Zoe DiStefanoComment
4 Months In Review

4 months ago my life was forever changed. Now I have a new life, for the rest of my life. It’s not just a new apartment or a new job which are the average changes we all go through. This is permanent and life altering- in all the best ways.

Now that I am finally sleeping and have some of my brain back. I thought what better way to celebrate 4 months then to take a look back, pause and reflect? They say you get amnesia about all the newborn difficulties so putting this down hopefully will be a nice reminder :) I had a rough 3 months which caught me off guard and was hard to wrap my head around. Once I started sleeping more I realized that I was having mild anxiety during those 3 months. The past month has been SO much better. I am having a blast with little miss Charli and feel like I have a little bit of myself back again.

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