5 Months In Review

5 months already!!! That is practically 6 months which is basically a year and next thing you know it, shes 16.

Charli is such a big girl these days in comparison to months prior. She loves to stand (supported), her face is nice and round and her features are more pronounced. She has a great grip which she loves to show specifically while nursing (yay for my boobs) but she loves to grab her daddy’s beard the most! She still isnt rolling over but doesnt hate tummy time too much these days so I think its just a matter of time. She recently found her voice and it is ridiculously high pitch and very LOUD. She still loves bath time and recently found the faucet and figured out how to get close enough to put it in her mouth - yay sanitary! Speaking of water- we also took her in the pool for the first time which she loved. I am pretty sure she is teething so she’s been a little off lately but I don’t blame the girl. She puts everything in her mouth and loves to chew on her fingers. She still has reflux and spits up constantly so I am still always in crummy clothes around the house and only change once we are almost out the door. We started solids and it has been so much fun. It started off a little rocky but now I think she loves it! It’s interesting watching her try to figure out how to move the food around her mouth and how to get it from the front of her mouth to the back to swallow. So far we've done avocado, sweet potato, butternut squash and peas. Funniest part about the whole thing to me is that her poop is wild these days!!


New discoveries:

  • She makes a clicking noise with her mouth now which I like to call her new trick.

  • She twists her tongue - so cute!!

  • She found her feet

  • Solid food


Favorite Toys


Life Updates:

I went back to work this week and it has been ridiculously hard. To all other working mommas I feel your pain. For those who know me they know I am not an emotional person but since Charli was born that has completely changed - I am such a softie now, it’s very annoying and inconvenient haha. I cried everyday this week just because I missed her. I do think that working is good for me but the hours do take a toll. I get home at 6:30 and she goes to bed at 7. That’s the hardest part, coming home to a cranky baby and only having a half hour. It does make me glad that I am still nursing her - its our little thing that just me and her share. I do find that I look at my time very differently. My time is so much more precious so if I am spending it away from my daughter I want it to be spent wisely and efficiently and all worth it. Any other moms out there feel the same? At this stage she changes so much, if you are missing something it should be worth it. It’s only been a week since I have been back and I am sure it takes some time to get in the swing of things but let’s just say I am happy it’s the weekend!!