6 Months In Review

6 months, 183 days, halfway to a year - man time is flying by!! Time goes so fast because in only one day so much can change in her little world. For example, today she woke up with darker hair! Its an honor to watch her grow and change and experience all the fun things life has to offer (like grass, which she loves!).

New discoveries:

  • She has managed to find more things to do with her tongue like sticking it out and blowing as hard as she can which also turns her bright red

  • She loves grass!!!

Favorite Toys

  • One word: BOB (her obsession is so real)

  • She is loving her jumper and the part that plays piano also speaks in other languages and she laughs anytime they say anything in French

Life Updates:

The first 2 weeks of last month felt more emotional and hormonal than when I was pregnant. It’s easy to forget that you still are unbalanced post baby (or at least that is what I hope is going on). I was feeling like mom brain is real and sometimes I literally can’t even put sentences together. Then things started to kind of adjust a little bit more and as Charli was developing, so was I. We are both constantly adjusting to one another and trying to find our rhythm while things constantly evolve.

Going back to work has been an adjustment and in all honesty I have cried more than ever before, which is so not like me. I think it’s a mix of emotions and feelings running around. Fear of missing out on baby and making sure I am utilizing my time away from her appropriately. I know work is good for me and coming home from work and seeing how happy I make her reassures me that I am still her favorite ;)

Another thing that happened this past month was Charli's first cold :( It is so sad to hear your little baby cough. The good thing is that she doesn't seem to bothered by it which I am very thankful for! She has been incredibly happy the past 2 weeks all things considering and we have been having such a blast! We did a lot of firsts, like the park and of course my all time favorite - the Farmers Market!! Charli has always been fun and I always love being with her but lately it has been even MORE fun. Every day I feel like she is growing to the point that we have more fun together because she can react more. She can sit up (sort of), reach for the toy she actually wants and roll over (in one direction). Little things to the common eye but big things for us parents out there. Who knows what tomorrow will bring?!

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