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4 Months In Review

4 months ago my life was forever changed. Now I have a new life, for the rest of my life. It’s not just a new apartment or a new job which are the average changes we all go through. This is permanent and life altering- in all the best ways.

Now that I am finally sleeping and have some of my brain back. I thought what better way to celebrate 4 months then to take a look back, pause and reflect? They say you get amnesia about all the newborn difficulties so putting this down hopefully will be a nice reminder :) I had a rough 3 months which caught me off guard and was hard to wrap my head around. Once I started sleeping more I realized that I was having mild anxiety during those 3 months. The past month has been SO much better. I am having a blast with little miss Charli and feel like I have a little bit of myself back again.

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