Our Wedding Day

As today is our 2 year anniversary what better way to celebrate than to take a walk down memory lane from our wedding 2 years ago. It was more than just a day but an epic weekend filled with lots of love and tons of laughter.  

Generally speaking I was a very easy bride, I cared about staying in budget, having good food and making sure we had enough booze. At the end of the day if everything else fails as long as everyone has a full cup and a full stomach you should be good to go. 

We are lucky enough to live near the LA flower mart which made it amazing to stay in budget for our wedding yet still have great centerpieces and bouquets. Little did my bridesmaids (and their significant others) know that they would be the ones putting together all of these things... haha oopsie :). Seriously though, shout out to my maid of honor, Rachel, who basically forced me to hold a bouquet and led the charge of all said bouquets. A lot of the wedding would not have been as perfect if it wasnt for all the people who helped, with no choice might I add. Weddings and events in general really show you all the love you are lucky to surround yourself by. Remember to be grateful, I sure am!

I wanted our wedding to feel like a large dinner party in my backyard. I wanted it to feel like home, and that it did. It was amazing not only because I got to marry Dan but also because it felt so real and authentic to who we are as a couple. It was easy with little fuss attached. Listen, it is still a wedding and things did not turn out perfect but guess what? I don't care and no one else did either. 

Our ceremony was performed by our best friend, Chantal, who did beyond amazing and made it feel even more special! We wrote our own vows and managed to still start off the same way with no direction. We started our vows with essentially highlighting how much we annoy each other - if you know us than this makes sense. We never take ourselves too seriously! The ceremony was about 15 minutes and perfect - we said our vows, a child screamed bloody murder and one of my bridesmaids got a pizza crust thrown on her head from the neighbors above - nice right?!

After a wedding you realize that all the imperfections make great stories and make it even more special. I would redo this day over and over and not change a thing and I am so happy my amazing photographer, Laura Goldenberger was able to be there to capture it all. 

Enjoy the pictures and remember a wedding is just a party - it's the marriage that counts!