Smorgasburg Los Angeles

I finally made it to Smorgasburg!! Yeeeeeeee

Even if I wasn’t pregnant and hungry I would be just as excited. I love anything that is centered around food. Especially in a situation where I get to experience a variety of foods. What’s not to enjoy? I of course brought my trusty eating  buddy, my dad, along for the ride. I suggest going with people who like to eat the same things as you that way you can share more stuff!

My only complaint would be the heat - but I am hoping unlike the NY location this will be open all year round.

When I first heard about the NY location I was incredibly jealous. My  east coast origins don’t often sway me other than when it comes to food. Pizza, bagels, bacon egg on a kaiser roll and now Smorgasburg. Well NOT anymore :) Smorgasburg in LA is worth all the hype. It’s super easy to get to (2 hrs free parking), great for families, kids, adults (they have beer!!) and all in all the food vendors have a lot of variety and are decently priced - minus the lobster roll I saw someone trying to sell for $20 - NO!


The 2 highlights I was able to try were the pastrami sandwich from Ugly Drum and the pork belly tacos from Goa Taco - unbelievable! I can’t wait to go back and try the Acai bowl from Amaze bowls.

Check out some of the photos of what my dad and I enjoyed as well as the overall environment - I recommend checking it out if you are local!