Izaka-ya Sushi

One word…. SUSHI…. I love love love sushi. Luckily I live in LA where there are tons of great sushi places and unfortunately some not so good ones. Izakaya is one of the really really good ones. Its owned by the Katsuya group so that means it’s not the cheapest kind of sushi around. I go there for one thing, Baked Crab Hand Roll. I used to not really like crab until I had it there for the first time about a year ago. Now I try it at all the sushi places I go to and it just never compares to Izakayas. The way it’s warm but not hot, so it melts in your mouth! Oh man so yummy! I also really like the rice paper instead of the seaweed paper, it makes the roll softer and fluffier compared to if you used seaweed it would make it crunchy and in my opinion rubbery.  So of course I got 2 of my usual – baked crab hand roll- as well as a shrimp tempura hand roll (with rice paper) because I was in the mood for a simple classic. Me and the professor shared the token spicy tuna on rice cakes, while she also got the seared Ahi Tuna with mustard sauce and a baked crab roll. Our other diner, Bradbear ordered of course, the baked crab roll. Clearly the baked crab is very popular among or group. She also got the tuna with Japanese salsa, which I’ve had and thoroughly enjoy it doesn’t come with rice and without rice I’m never full from sushi, which is why it can get very pricey for me if I stick to ordering things like that, its equivalent to water in my belly. I am always down for trying new sushi places but when I don’t want to go through the hassle and want to be guaranteed a yummy meal I like to stick with what I know, which is Izakaya. Truth be told half of the pleasure of going there is the fact that it’s on my way home J

Izaka-ya Sushi $$$

8420 W 3rd St Los Angeles, CA 90048 Neighborhood: Mid-City West

(323) 782-9536