M Cafe

M Café is a go up to the counter and order your food restaurant consisting of “Contemporary Macrobiotic Cuisine”. This means no meat, refined sugars, eggs, dairy, red meat or poultry but they do have fish. Trust me when I first read that I was immediately turned off. That was until I tried it for the first time. The definition of M Café just doesn’t do it justice. It turns people off from the amazingness that lies behind their glass doors. Their food is fresh, and most of the time healthy. They have a regular menu that stays constant as well as deli case selections that usually change seasonally as well as having some token items that remain. Today for lunch I got my usual: the scarlet quinoa salad, the soba noodle salad and a side of 2 pieces of a spicy tuna roll. It’s an amazing lunch that not only keeps me full but also doesn’t wear me out. Most lunch time meals that keep me full also weigh me down. About 2 minutes after I eat something I tend to get exhausted and ready for a nap. Not M café though, anything I eat from their keeps me alive, refreshed and completely satisfied. The Quinoa in particular is so high in protein that it makes great sense as to why it leaves me so full. It’s something I’ve never made before but am starting to think it’s a must try, maybe even a switch from our usual brown rice side.

If you have never had it than I have to say you’re really missing out and if you are one of the many that have than you know exactly what I’m talking about.