Cake Monkey

So if you follow thatszogood, by now you’ve realized my obsession with all things dessert.  So when I say this is one of the top 5 best desserts I have ever consumed you know i mean business. The dessert pictured is a Peanut Butter Marshmallow “cakewich” from a company called Cake Monkey. They don’t have their own store but they sell locally to places like Umami and Cabbage Patch, but of course they have a large array of desserts (often mini size) on their website

It starts with this hard chocolate shell which is only there to cage in the gooey pb and marshmallow, heavenly sandwiched in between the moistest yellow cake. The proportions in this perfect sandwich are so appropriate that by the end of your bites you realize you’ve had just the right amount of everything you could ever want.  

I wish I could eat one of Cake Monkey’s mini desserts every single day till the end of time. Seriously, check out their website. Maybe order some for your next party, whatever or whenever it may be!