Grilled Potatoes with BACON!

Bacon + Potatoes + Grill = AWESOME


This is basically like a potato and bacon kabob. How can you go wrong with something like this?! You can’t. Something else you can’t do is sub real bacon with the turkey bacon, it’s not greasy enough to make this taste good, so don’t go the healthy route with this recipe, you will regret it. This is one of those recipes you just have to roll with the grease and not fight it.


So here it is, an easy crowd pleasing barely any mess recipe for summertime:


  • 5-6 large RED potatoes cut into fourths (depending on the size of the potatoes)
  • A package of bamboo skewers
  • A package of bacon – not THICK cut – cut into 1 inch squares
  • Seasoning salt


The key is that you have to cut the potatoes to the right size so that when you skewer them they won’t fall off. So if the potato is small only cut in half but if they can be cut in 1/4ths then do that.


Make sure you don’t buy the thick cut bacon because it will mess with the cooking times between the potatoes and the bacon.


Place all the cut potatoes into a small pot of water. Heat the pot on high so its starts to boil. This process is so you can par boil the potatoes so they are almost cooked. Once the water starts boiling pierce one of the potatoes with a fork. If you can pierce it fully the potatoes are done. You want to make sure you don’t overcook them or else they will fall of the skewers. You want the perfect balance between soft enough to pierce but still somewhat hard. One the potatoes are done being par boiled put them into a strainer and let them cool to the point of being able to be handled.


Turn the grill on to high and oil the grates. Start skewering the potatoes with the bacon, every other. Start with a potato then the bacon and so forth. Once you have skewered everything (you will probably have leftover bacon) sprinkle with seasoning salt. If you don’t have that do garlic powder, paprika, salt and pepper. Place on grill and turn the heat down to medium. In 5 minutes rotate the skewers and after another 5 minutes the bacon should be cooked and the potatoes should be a little charred. If you want them crunchier you can leave them on longer.


Serve them still on the skewers.


*note – the measurements are not important here. You can make as much or as little as you want. Just buy the potatoes in accordance to the amount you want.