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Shrimp Lettuce Cups Recipe

Lettuce cups have endless possibilities and are PERFECT for groups or for just solo sessions. Similar to tacos, eaters can create their own based on their preferences. I get anxious with newbies when making them a meal. I am always afraid I will make everything they actually don’t enjoy eating. In this case all you have to make sure is that they eat fish and the rest is up to them! By creating a variety of mix ins that all taste well either alone or together you are allowing someone the creativity and freedom to eat what they want. For example, my husband doesn't eat peppers but I love them. I am able to put peppers in my wrap and he just scoots right on by and goes on his merry way. 


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Roasted Chicken Morocco Recipe

After my trip to Morocco I was obsessed with flavor and working with different combo's of the spices I managed to smuggle into the country. One of which were these saffron cubes that knorr makes. I can not for the life of me find them in the US or online. Maybe they have been discontinued which would be super sad!!! If thats the case you can adjust the recipe below with using real saffron thread (expensive I know). This is a super easy recipe that can be prepped the night before so is perfect for dinner parties. It can also be adjusted to accommodate more or less people. The cooked lemon becomes very concentrated (which I love) so I recommend making sure every person who eats the chicken has a few slices of the lemon to eat it with - it is life changing. YUMMY!!!! fun fact: Tumeric stains not only your clothes and cutting boards but also your hands so use those wisely or wear gloves :)

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